“I Believe Great Communities Happen on Purpose.”

Molly Skold learned, early on, the importance of collaborative, civic and community involvement, inspired by her parents’ and grandparents’ rich history of philanthropic and volunteer service throughout the Fort Collins community.


Born and raised in Fort Collins, Molly has proven herself a strong and versatile leader, a strategic thinker whose work elevates communities and organizations. She supports disciplined growth and has a proven track record of igniting energy and collaboration on projects, programs and events that create excitement across the community, business sector and city government. 


Deeply invested in the future of Fort Collins, Molly knows how to engage different views and bring people together – leaders, doers, givers and beneficiaries – to build effective coalitions and better futures.


Why Molly?

• Molly is running for Mayor of Fort Collins because she has a deep understanding of Fort Collins and a profound respect for the people who make their livings and raise their families in our community.

• Molly has a track record of working to rebuild community energy and value – all of her professional experiences have prepared her to answer this call to lead.

• Molly believes that, together, we can shape the most vibrant future for Fort Collins and be a city with purpose.






Molly is a strategic, determined and versatile leader whose work elevates communities. She has a proven track record of igniting energy and collaboration on projects, programs and events that create excitement across the community, business sector and city government.

 As Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Mutual of Omaha’s real-estate arm, Midtown Crossing, Molly has provided the strategic vision, direction and support necessary to launch and sustain a development that has served as a catalyst for the revitalization, vibrancy and explosive growth of historic midtown Omaha.

 Since 2007, Midtown Crossing has added $1.7 billion to the metropolitan community, generated $585.3 million in wages and salaries and supported over 1,200 jobs annually.

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Molly not only gives her time and energy to her community, she knows how to bring all of its members together – the leaders, doers, givers and beneficiaries – to build effective coalitions and better futures.


 Molly understands and has had the privilege of helping ignite ambitious public/private partnerships, channeling their potential into real, long-lasting community benefit. She has worked with, among others, noteworthy philanthropist Walter Scott’s Heritage Services Foundation on opening Omaha’s $75M Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center.

Molly led and directed the Greater Omaha Chamber’s highly successful O! Campaign and O! Public Art Project – a project to spur enthusiasm and encourage citizens to be more active advocates for their city.

Molly served as the driving force – and partnered with the Omaha Police Department – to honor fallen police officers and bring the Horses of Honor public art installation to Omaha, Nebraska.

For over a year, Molly lived in rural Russia where she taught English; wrote articles for the Fort Collins Coloradoan; and gained a global, multi-cultural, multi-business perspective that will contribute to Fort Collins’ next chapter.


Molly is an active community contributor who thrives on working with others to elevate the lives of others.

 Molly serves as a board member and executive board secretary of Visit Fort Collins and is a member of the Tourism Master Plan Committee.  

 Molly serves on the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery Board of Directors and has worked with museum staff and other board members to find solutions during this difficult and critical time in the museum’s history. 

 Molly serves on the Advisory Board of Elevations Credit Union and served on the Larimer County Food Bank Capital Campaign, raising millions for the region’s food insecure population.

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A Resurgent Fort Collins

Great Communities happen on purpose.

Molly will achieve this by:

 Supporting the kind of disciplined growth that will ensure a healthy community-future. 

Engaging many views to restart the success of our local businesses community and the owners who create jobs, community engagement and possibility.

 Strengthening and celebrating our attractions, cultural institutions and organizations that make our city exceptional.

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A Future-focused Fort Collins

Today's decisions have lasting impact.

Molly will achieve this by:

 Supporting a fiscally responsible city government – one where every tax dollar counts.

 Safeguarding fundamental city services and infrastructure.

 Working with public and private partners to explore employment and housing solutions for those in need.

• Leading our community in action and accountability for a sustainable future.

Encouraging a culture of constructive, future-forward conversation by bringing all voices together.

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Collaborative Fort Collins

Together, we can and will.

Molly will achieve this by:

 Employing a positive, inclusive approach and encouraging diversity of thought to keep Fort Collins a safe, welcoming and eclectic community.

  Developing an energetic, all-inclusive community-wide campaign that engages the collective intelligence, energy and innovation of our entire population – lifetime and newer residents, young professionals and older – to solve local challenges and rebuild our community stronger than ever.

• Igniting the power of public/private partnerships to help accelerate Fort Collins’ future.